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              Pest predator-predatory mite

              Predatory mites:

              Predatory mites are a kind of omnivorous beneficial mites that take plant spider mites such as citrus red spiders and rust ticks as the main food. The use of predatory mites to control and control citrus red spiders and rust ticks can replace chemical control to control citrus damage Mites are one of the important technologies for producing pollution-free, green citrus.

              Predatory mites are the general term for many beneficial mites, and its range is very wide, including the red mite family, the big red mite family, the mite family, the long bee mite family and the phytoseiid mite family. However, the predator mites that have been studied more frequently in production have been used to prevent and control harmful mites. They are also limited to the following species in the plant family Amblyseidae: Amblyseius cucumeris, Amblyseius mori, Chilean Amblyseius brevis, Amblyseius brevis Amblyseius, Amblyseius mongolicum, Amblyseius obliquus, Amblyseius niger, Amblyseius neutris, Amblyseius dermus, and Amblyseius mollis.

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