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              Product description p-Hydroxyacetophenone is also named as piceol. It is white needle shape crystal under room temperature, combustible, easily soluble in hot water, methyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, diethyl ether, acetone, benzene, hardly soluble in petroleum ether. It is naturally produced in stem and leaf of artemisia scoparia, and root of Tylophora kerrii. It is used for preparation of cholagogue drugs and other materials in organic synthesis. It is clinically used in the treatment of hepatitis.
              Use It is a kind of cholagogue drug for treatment of cholecystitis, acute and chronic icteric hepatitis. In addition, it is a kind of material for fine chemical synthesis, and for synthesis of essence.
              Quality index
              Item Index
              Appearance White crystal powder
              Melting point℃≥ 109—111
              Moisture%≥ 0.2
              Iron content×10 ≤ 10
              Purity%≥ 99
              Packing, storage and transportation Packed with solid fiber drum lined with plastic film or kraft paper; should be preserved in cool and ventilated warehouse; keep it away from fire, heat and water source; separate with oxidizing agent and food

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